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Announcement of Info-day on "Contemporary Art in the cross - border regions of Greece and Italy"

On Wednesday 06/26/2013, at 19:00, there will be an Info-day on "Contemporary Art in the cross - border regions of Greece and Italy", in Its Kale, the multiple events hall of Ioannina Castle. The purpose of the workshop is the complete information of the public about the activities and the expected results of the Project ADRION-ART, so that it will become known in the area of Ioannina and attract potential participants.

The Info-day’s Agenda will include:

• The promotion of the work of artists of the cross-border area.

• The use of innovative technologies in the daily activity of artists and their utilization for the promotion of their work.

• The improvement of cross-border cooperation of artists, sharing experiences and knowledge and upgrading of cross-border trade.

The workshop will host prestigious guests from local authorities, artistic unions - institutions and will have widespread publicity.

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