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Ioannina: Poetry Night

LOGOThe Cultural Center is organizing an event dedicated to poetry on "Poems inspired from Ioannina".



Ioannina: Contemporary Art in Cross Border Areas

LOGOWorkshop on an interstate program and concert at Its Kale with the Belgian brass quintet Eburon.



Ioannina: Lectures on Art in the Old Slaughterhouses on Friday and Saturday

LOGOAn informative two-day workshop will be held in Ioannina under the cross-border program ADRION-ART Greece - Italy 2007-2013.


Ioannina: Libera presents the Exhibition Tempus Fugit by Eve Karidi

LOGOThe organization of contemporary art and culture LIBERA proudly presents the exhibition TEMPUS FUGIT Eve Karidi, a group exhibition for the Project ADRION-ART.


Ioannina: The Cultural Center of Ioannina organizes an Exhibition of Artists residing in Ioannina

LOGOUnder the European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece - Italy 2007-2013 - ADRION-ART, the Cultural Center of Ioannina organizes an exhibition of artists residing in Ioannina, with paintings,works of sculpture, printmaking, iconography, mosaics, ceramics and photography.

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