The material that is found in this site was provided by each partner separately on his own responsibility, possessing all the legitimate rights of use, availability and visibility, and holding full responsibility for the correctness of the content.

The partners involved in the project 'ADRION-ART' are Bodies with many years of involvement in matters of artistic nature, each from a different perspective. Here  information is provided about the nature and activity of each of them throughout the course of their operation.

The Public Benefit Enterprise of Culture, Environment, Youth and Sports of Ioannina.

koinofelisThe Public Benefit Enterprise under the name "Public Benefit Enterprise for Culture, Environment, Youth and Sports of Ioannina" resulted from the combination of all or a portion of the following Public Benefit Enterprises

Municipality of Igoumenitsa

logos adrionart - Copy 3The Municipality of Igoumenitsa is a municipality in the Region of Epirus , which was formed in 2011 from the merger of pre-existing municipalities of Igoumenitsa, Margaritu, Parapotamos, Sivota and Community Perdika. The capital of the municipality is Igoumenitsa, and it consists of the municipal units of Igoumenitsa, Perdika and  24 other local communities.

Municipality of Parga

logos adrionart - CopyThe Municipality of Parga is located in the northwestern part of the country near the river Acheron , which was established in 2011 following the mergingof the former municipalities Parga and Fanari . Base of the Municipal Unit is Kanalaki , while the population does not exceed 11,866 inhabitants.

The Ionian University

logos adrionart - Copy 4The Ionian University was founded in 1984 , together with the Universities of Thessaly and the Aegean . Its headquarters are in Corfu .

It is consisted of the following six Departments of Education:

The Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Heritage Organization

agenziaThe Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Heritage Organization was founded in March 2003 in Lecce , in the framework of the European program , Cultural Heritage II.

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